India Art Fair 2023

February 9, 2023 - September 12, 2023 

Exhibit320’s curated presentation at India Art Fair 2022 will be an extension of the gallery’s programming for the year 2020-21. The gallery, since its inception has focused on artistic practices based on the subcontinent. This year in particular has seen thoughtfully curated group exhibitions of emerging artists from India, Srilanka and Bangladesh. 

Gunjan Chawla and Mahwish Chishti called “The Sindhu Project: Enigma of Roots” which has also been shown at the “South Asia Institute, Chicago” in June 21. 

The year 2022 started with “The Sindhu Project” followed by “The Virtue of Landscapes, a group show of 4 artists in August 2022. The second half of the year will focus on 2 solos, one of which is by Gopi Gajwani and the other by Sumakshi Singh

At India Art Fair 2023 we will focus on bringing selected works representing a strongly curated presentation that delves into different discourses particular to the region and its diaspora via specific artistic practices.

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