Art Dubai 2015

March 28, 2015 - March 21, 2015 

Vibha Galhotra was born in 1978, a New Delhi based conceptual artist whose large-scale sculptures address the shifting topography of the world under the impact of globalization and growth. She sees herself as being part of the restructuring of culture, society and geography of New Delhi and the world. Responding to the rapid environmental changes and re-zoning of land, Galhotra embodies the dense urbanization and jungles of steel and concrete through intricately sewn metal ghungroo tapestries and mixed media installations.
In works from her series Flow, Galhotra uses her now iconic 'gungroos', stitched together to form a surface of rust brown, forming patterns reminiscent of a swirling landscape. Flow maps the Yamuna, a river that passes through her home city - New Delhi. It is a river from which we seek nourishment of the soul and the body. Galhotra's canvases points out to the inherent irony.
In her series Concrete Burden, Galhotra shifts from satire to metaphor. She brings together nature, sometimes visible and at other times as a trace, with the most ubiquitous man-made element - cement - as a way to reflect upon her social existence and her concern towards this fast growing urban development and depleting living environment. Creating metaphors through shapes, she fashions space and time for the reflection to come from within.

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